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Bakeoven Watershed encompasses approximately 98,042 acres. The headwaters are located in the Shaniko area in South Wasco County, east of the Deschutes River at elevations just above 3,200 feet. Bakeoven Creek flows to the Deschutes River at Maupin City Park, elevation 800í, in the City of Maupin. The watershed receives about 10-14 inches of precipitation per year, most of it as rain. Snow falls in winter, but does not form a consistent snow pack. Historical accounts suggest snowpack may have been greater prior to 1920. The stream network includes 190 miles of stream channel, including perennial, seasonal and ephemeral streams. Bakeoven Watershed has five sub-watersheds: Deep Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Upper Bakeoven Creek, Salt Creek/Dead Dog Canyon, and Lower Bakeoven. The dividing line between Upper Bakeoven Creek and Lower Bakeoven Creek is the confluence with Deep Creek.

The Buck Hollow Watershed is a tributary to the Deschutes River, encompasses approximately 120,000 acres and is located in both Sherman and Wasco Counties. It is a shared watershed overseen by an Sherman County Watershed Council. Restoration in the Bakeoven/Buck Hollow Watershed began in the 1980s with a comprehensive ridgetop-to-ridgetop approach. In the beginning Wasco and Sherman County SWCDs worked with landowners on improving the health of the uplands (predominantly range), and to alter runoff characteristics by installing a large number of water and sediment control basins (WASCOBS) in tributary draws. Other actions included brush control (including juniper), range seeding and implementing improved management systems with the landowners, principally rest-rotational grazing systems. After these measures were in place and there were notable improvements in upland conditions, the focus of the effort moved to riparian improvements, including off-stream watering developments and fencing.

Oregonís participation in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement (CREP) program began in 1999. Over the years Wasco County SWCD enrolled many stream miles in both Bakeoven and Buck Hollow watersheds in the program. The CREP continues to enroll participants.
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