The Wasco County Watershed Councils Coordinating Board was generated through the restructuring of Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board's(OWEB)guidelines for Council Capacity Grants. Although the Coordinating Board was a required action set forth by OWEB, it has launched a stronger partnership with councils and agencies throughout the state of Oregon. Voting members of the board are comprised of the co-chairs from each of the five local councils. Non-voting members include local state agencies, interested stakeholders, and Wasco Co. SWCD.

The Coordinating Board works together to support Watershed Councils and prioritize projects for funding. The Coordinating Board also provides a vehicle for communication between all five of the Wasco County Area Watershed Councils and OWEB.

As a result of the restructuring, a unified set of By-Laws was adopted by all of the watershed councils and a county wide action plan was created. Each of the councils contributed input and the unified plan guides watershed restoration activities throughout the county. Prioritized projects are then incorporated into the Wasco Co. SWCD county-wide work plans for focused assistance and funding.



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   2325 River Road Suite 3 The Dalles, OR 97058 Phone: (541)296-6178 x102 Watershed Coordinator Abbie Forrest abigail.forrest@or.nacdnet.net
Pat Davis White River, Watershed Council - Chair
Bryce Molesworth & Kristen McNall, Mosier Watershed Council
Ken Bailey & Steve Byers, The Dalles Watershed Council
Bill Hammel & Phil Kaser, Fifteenmile Watershed Council
Bob Krein, Bakeoven Watershed Council
Stan Shephard, SWCD Representative
Coordinating Board Members:
Meetings are held quarterly on the 1st Wednesday of the Month.

Next Meeting is Scheduled for Thursday February 21st at 5:00pm at the Discovery Center
Wasco County Area Watershed Councils Action Plan
2017 Meeting Minutes
2017-2019 Watershed Council Work Plan
2018 Meeting Minutes
Watershed Council By-Laws
Annual Reports
Non-voting members include local state agencies,
interested stakeholders, and the Wasco Co. SWCD.
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Wasco County Watersheds and Council History

Wasco County Watershed Councils
Coordinating Board

The Wasco County Watershed Councils were formed in the 1990s. The Mosier, The Dalles, Fifteenmile, Bakeoven/Buck Hollow, and White River Local Watershed Councils initially engaged landowners, agencies, and other organizations in studies to understand the factors contributing to declining fish populations, degraded stream and upland habitats, and poor water quality. Watershed assessments were completed for each of the watersheds between 2002 and 2005.
Based on their watershed assessments and other information, the Local Councils prioritized restoration projects, and developed strong partnerships with landowners, agencies, other organizations, and project funding sources. All the Local Councils developed restoration action plans between 2005 and 2007. Over time, the Local Councils completed a large number of voluntary actions to improve the health of the five watersheds.

More recently a Watershed Restoration Action Plan was created to provide a framework for coordinated actions among all of the Local Councils. This Action Plan identifies and prioritizes restoration, outreach, monitoring, and other activities. The Action Plan also has a wealth of information about each councils history and land uses.

The area wide action plan is in the right hand column. Individual Watershed Action Plans are available on each council page.
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